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Rejecting Binary Fashion

From it-bags and shoes to coats and shirts, here are the unisex ready-to-wear pieces that are riding high in the fashion world right now.

Behind The Success

Be Who You Are Without Having To Be Afraid

Having garnered some mileage in the recent years, Mondo’s gender-neutral pieces shun all norms of dressing based on an individual’s gender. It would be safe to say that people no longer want to be governed by the pre-conceived diktats of fashion. 

Back In Vogue

Our Signature Catalogue

Jacket: The Fashion's Frontier

The go-to garment for various social and work situations, loved by all generations thanks to their comfort, durability, and great styling

Editor's Spotlight

Check out our best-selling collection on Mondo, picked up by fashionistas, fashion bloggers, celebrities, and influencers those who trademark genderless items as their personal style.
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Jackets & Blazers

Jackets & Blazers

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Crewneck Pullover Soft Knitted Sweaters

Crewneck Pullover Soft Knitted Sweaters

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Soft Long-Sleeve Casual Loungewear

Soft Long-Sleeve Casual Loungewear

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WHy us?

We Made It Unique

We have an internal "Eyes-On" production policy - We visit every arm of our manufacturing processes at bare minimum once per week but in most cases, every single day.

Grow With Community

At Mondo, we believe in not only creating stylish and innovative designs but also making a positive impact on the community we serve

Support The Movement

For every product purchased, Mondo will donate $5 to responsive organization that urge the boundary for the right to EVERYBODY.

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